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Faster sustainable development through smart and actionable projects

impACT investors

Are you a first mover and want to lead in sustainability? Are you looking for return on impact with ROI? Do you want to focus on concepts and choose the best start-up to realize impact? 

impACT experts

Are you an impact expert (e.g. a scientist, executive, politician or regulator) who wants to co-create impact and drive new standards? Do you want to develop sustainable ideas and decide about start-ups to realize the concept?

impact Start-ups

Do you want to participate in our Pitch Contest once the impACT concept is chosen by our jury? Do you want to prove that you’re the best team to put that idea into practice?

Are your tired of greenwashing?

Do you want to walk the talk to deliver Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

So do we. And that’s just what we are up to.

How we get impACT done

At Geneva impACTs we scale the collective intelligence of our leading minds network. Together we revolutionize how impact is designed and how start-ups are funded.

Investors and impact experts from the private, public and civic sectors join forces to elaborate impact projects where sustainability meets return on investment (ROI) goals.

Our independent jury chooses the most relevant impact concepts that go beyond traditional ESG compliance. The best start-ups are then chosen to put the idea into practice.

This way, we combine sustainable development with solution-oriented projects.

About Migros Pioneer Fund

The Migros Pioneer Fund looks for and supports ideas with social potential. It enables pioneering projects that break new ground and seek out forward-looking solutions. Its impact-oriented funding approach combines financial support with coaching services. The Migros Pioneer Fund is part of the Migros Group’s social engagement and is enabled by the Migros Group with around CHF 15 million annually. For further information: www.migrospionierfonds.ch/en

Our Ambassadors

The challenges we’re facing today require out-of-the-box thinking and action. We need to transform ideas into impact. This is what Geneva impACTs strives to do.

Emmanuelle Ganne


We are currently facing some of the biggest challenges. Ever. The only way to deal with this issues is together! Geneva impACTs is one of the key players on this.

Günther Dobrauz


Our Advisors

For companies to have a long lasting impact, sustainability is key today, no matter the industry they operate in.

Sustainability should be part of their strategy, and not limited to their marketing strategy. Geneva impACTs supports this mission. 


Shital Beejadhur


Sense-making and DOing are key drivers towards addressing the pressing challenges we are facing.

Digital Responsibility in this context plays a significant role and Geneva impACTs has a strong commitment to these elements towards the collective design of a sustainable future.

Prof Jean-Henry Morin

University of Geneva

Social and environmental impact innovation is critical to our future.

How corporations and early stage ventures can collaborate effectively to address humanity challenges is key. Geneva impACT’s approach of setting the challenges with technology, business and policy is exactly the right approach.

Tony Kypreos


The necessary transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy will involve and affect every sector and person on our planet. Geneva ImpACTs is driving the transition in the crucial domain of how project owners, solution providers, and financial resources can all come together and produce tangible results.

Marie Owens Thomsen, PhD

Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA

Are you ready to join our mission to ACT?

We believe that sustainability must become a standard in business, politics and our society in order to create a better future for many.

Join our community at Geneva impACTs:
a collective-intelligence driven platform!

Together with the brightest minds we co-create impact-projects which will be matched with the best start-ups.

Accelerate Sustainable Development (SDGs)

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Transform Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)