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Our Community

At Geneva impACTs we follow a collective intelligence process where we bring together experts from academia, the private sector with its different industries, the civil and public sector as well as impact advisors to collaborate together on sustainable projects.

Our independent jury evaluates the relevant sustainability issues beyond traditional ESG compliance. We streamline the development from impact concepts to impact projects with our think tank community at the Geneva Macro Labs – enabled by Engagement Migros.

This way, we combine sustainability analysis with actionable solutions-oriented projects and match them with the best start-up to support environmental, social, cultural or economic development impact.

Our Approach

We invite experts to sustainably ACT:

A – Accelerate sustainability through developing innovative impact-projects

C – Create and collaborate across sectors to provide an alternative to traditional Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indices

T – Transform how businesses share value for the benefit of many

Together we impact

The public, civil and private sector need to join forces to reach SDGs.

Sustainability has passed on from a nice to have to a must. However, respective indices are usually based on self-reporting and are not harmonized which makes cross-industry standardization difficult.

The importance of sustainability is increasing but it still plays a subordinate role in the financing of start-ups. Yet, we think a company’s market value can no longer be created by only signaling that they do the right thing but rather by actually proving it.