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Our Community

At Geneva impACTs we follow a collective intelligence process where we bring together experts from academia, the private sector with its different industries, the civil and public sector as well as impact advisors to collaborate together on sustainable projects.

Our independent jury evaluates the relevant sustainability issues beyond traditional ESG compliance. We streamline the development from impact concepts to impact projects with our think tank community at the Geneva Macro Labs – enabled by Engagement Migros.

This way, we combine sustainability analysis with actionable solutions-oriented projects and match them with the best start-up to support environmental, social, cultural or economic development impact.

Our Approach

We invite experts to sustainably ACT:

A – Accelerate sustainability through developing innovative impact-projects

C – Create and collaborate across sectors to provide an alternative to traditional Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indices

T – Transform how businesses share value for the benefit of many

The challenges we’re facing today require out-of-the-box thinking and action. We need to transform ideas into impact. This is what Geneva impACTs strives to do.

Adrian Sameli

Elea Foundation

I joined Geneva impACTs challenge to co-design a successful social enterprise. Today our project is in the creation phase to promote local farming around you!

Inma García Sáez


I was excited to facilitate an expert group creating innovative solutions to achieve the SDGs and was entirely convinced about the process when I learnt more about the expertise and the enthusiasm of Geneva impACTs. A very encouraging project in times of necessary changes!

Karen Müller

Sustainance GmbH

Geneva Macro Labs initiative interested me because of the possibility to debate around climate change, SDGs and social impact with a range of experts, unpack ideas and counterintuitive approaches, and explore the practicality of solutions not to offset, but to decarbonate and change our habits, not tomorrow but now. I Care, I Act! Now and together.

Frédéric Claus

The Global Fund

Geneva impACTs has its finger on the pulse. The organization identifies urgent, systemic global conditions that need to be addressed; offers tools, frameworks, and approaches to tackle them; and rallies a diverse group of talented professionals to create ventures that will make a difference. I was immediately drawn to the organization’s awareness, capability, and energy and am proud to have participated in their first cohort.

Mike Taylor

Verum Capital AG

We are all connected to water from the moment we start our existence; I truly believe that first of all, we all need to work on our consciousness and reconnect to nature. Therefore, I joined the ocean-assets valuation project, where I could contribute in with my passion, knowledge and experience in impact investing and design thinking. Thanks to Geneva Macro Labs for this great experience.

Deniz Erkus, CFA

Sidemi Business Consulting GmbH

Geneva impACTs creates spaces to foster innovation and action for the change needed now. As a facilitator it was a pleasure to support the process of co-creation with impressive experts and to build a common basis of collaboration in a multi-functional team.

Susann Bongers

bcompanion gmbh

Geneva Macro Labs offers me with their initiative “Geneva impACTs” a space where one is exposed to multiple perspectives, high quality work, and alignment to solving some of the largest global issues facing us today.

Riaz Jogiyat

Skyworks Aeronautics Corp.

I jumped at the chance to facilitate the online meetings of the Geneva impACTs bio farming and local economy focus group as the project goals and approach were forward thinking, creative and would lead to a tangible and positive change in our society.

Nathalie Birt

Western Sydney University

We are flowers in the Geneva impACTs field. Facilitators are the bees, instrumental with the cross pollination and fertilization of ideas to produce better and more sustainable seeds!

Gabor Farkas

Bons Offices

We were thrilled to be facilitators for Geneva impACTs and contribute to some degree to fulfilling the SDGs. We really enjoyed the approach of creating a real impact, which is very much at the center of the process and carried through by everyone involved.

Pamina Victoria Sulzberger

bcompanion gmbh

Through Geneva impACTs, I have discovered what great achievements can be done, when amazing minds are put together.

Ketsia Laforge

embarque coaching

In order to create the sustainable future the world desperately needs, collaboration is absolutely key! Individuals, groups and nations need to come together to form and implement holistic ideas. As a Sustainable Development Consultant, this is my mission and Geneva ImpACT presents a wonderful platform to do this with experts from around the world.

Charlotte Horder

Higher Order Strategy

Together we impact

The public, civil and private sector need to join forces to reach SDGs.

Sustainability has passed on from a nice to have to a must. However, respective indices are usually based on self-reporting and are not harmonized which makes cross-industry standardization difficult.

The importance of sustainability is increasing but it still plays a subordinate role in the financing of start-ups. Yet, we think a company’s market value can no longer be created by only signaling that they do the right thing but rather by actually proving it.