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Focus Group#1 2022


Thank you for your registration!


Thank you for your registration to join our focus group!

Next steps

  1. Kindly connect with the other group members. Some of them have already participated in our Design Thinking Hackathon. Join our chat on signal and introduce yourself.
  2. Join the kickoff event on March 4 at 17:30 CET. Register.
  3. You will receive the access credentials to the member’s page within the next day.

The project in a nutshell: Datopia

The digital world is complex. We all get lost amidst cookie banners, consent forms and privacy policies. Even though being online belongs to our daily life, digital literacy is not a part of our education and even for adults it is difficult to understand data policies and the rights granted by data protection regulation. At the same time, data sharing is also the basis for participation and a discourse in the society. The lack of a basic understanding of what data is, what happens when we share it and who profits from it creates an imbalance in terms of equality and democracy.
Our project aims to change that. We transfer the rules of data sharing into the physical world of a board game. We want to produce a game that reflects the most important players in the online world and make data visible by materializing it in the form of cards. In a number of challenges, the players can actively fight the Internet giants. Our vision is to invent a multigenerational game that can be updated by add-ons in order to keep up with new rules and regulations and that might integrate online components.
With Datopia (working title only), we increase digital literacy. We provide the unique experience to see the consequences of data sharing in a protected environment. Participants will see how they can collaboratively fight back, how they can engage in a digital society and how they can protect their privacy. We chose a board game to remove barriers and enable further discussions. We empower individuals to understand the rules of the online world by playing a game.


We are excited to have you aboard! Let’s impact!
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