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Focus Group#2 2022


Thank you for your registration!


Thank you for your registration to join our focus group!

Next steps

  1. Kindly connect with the other group members. Some of them have already participated in our Design Thinking Hackathon. Join our chat on signal and introduce yourself.
  2. Join the kickoff event on March 4 at 7pm CET. Register!
  3. You will receive the access credentials to the member’s page within the next day.

The project in a nutshell: Data Cockpit

A data cockpit that acts as a digital assistant to ensure a user’s data sovereignty. The assistant announces individual preferences of the user regarding data usage to service providers and digital platforms. It acts like a middle man that communicates the user’s privacy settings. A practical application would be that the location of a user can only be tracked by a GPS but not used for other purposes. The cockpit collects the data produced by the users and randomizes to preserve the level of anonymity wanted by the user. Social networks and data collecting platforms only receive the data a user has chosen to share thus preventing monetisation and political information/disinformation without user’s explicit approval or choice. Expert Thought Leaders could advise how to program the digital assistant. The digital assistant could act as a matchmaker for the data market place. 


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