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Thank you for your registration to join our focus group!

Next steps

  1. Kindly connect with the other group members. Some of them have already participated in our Design Thinking Hackathon. Join our chat on signal and introduce yourself.
  2. Join the kickoff event on March 7 at 18:00 CET. Register.
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The project in a nutshell: Track Trust Trace

Without trust, voting results lose legitimacy. Trust is a prerequisite for depth and amount of data shared: it is relevant for medical /scientific study purposes as well as for municipal and small scale votings and elections. In this context, trust is an important building block primarily for democratic processes, but also for economic processes that involve selection, voting, or stating preferences. 

So then, how can we build trust and make data sharing mutually beneficial? The aim of our project is to create a voting system that relies on blockchain technology to execute a vote. There are already a variety of companies that have created some form of e-voting system. Some of these rely on a secure and decentralized system such as the one offered via a variety of blockchains. Others simply offer a means of transmitting information digitally without the added security and transparency of using blockchain.  

With this project we would like to offer a decentralised platform, that is open sourced and enables a fully transparent exchange of data from users within an organisation. Via this system, our tool to generate trust, we would be able to fulfill the 3Ts -Track, Trace, Trust. Be part of making it reality! 


We are excited to have you aboard! Let’s impact!
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