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Focus Group#4 2022


Thank you for your registration!


Thank you for your registration to join our focus group!

Next steps

  1. Kindly connect with the other group members. Some of them have already participated in our Design Thinking Hackathon. Join our chat on signal and introduce yourself.
  2. Join the kickoff event on March 3 at 17:30 CET. Register.
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The project in a nutshell: D-Souk. Earn money with your data

Visualize yourself as a bee. You produce honey, which is valuable to many. You are willing to share it with others for money or for the community. But you are a lonely bee, you have no beehive! Your honey goes to waste or is collected by others who profit from it.  

In this metaphor, your data is your honey. Your digital footprint is valuable to many: big tech companies, researchers and advertisers are collecting your data for their own purposes. But they don’t share the benefits with you. There is no equality in data sharing and the result is an unequal distribution of wealth. 

We want to change that. 

With our project, we want to invite you to make profit out of your data on your conditions. 

D-Souk is a digital marketplace which connects data owners (you) and data users (those who want your data). Data owners bring their data to the table and data users present their cause and project and offer payment in return. We envision a virtual data hive and a multisided app which allows you to trade data through your data wallet. Your benefit as a data owner is that you can sell it for profit or donate it for purposes you believe in: You may go for a remuneration, choose to donate the value of your data for supporting third-party needs or sustainable goals, receive coupons from your preferred sellers or trade at best price with interested buyers. And as a plus, you will get awareness for data flow. The decision is in your hands – you fix your conditions!  

At D-Souk, you can gather information and start trading – and you will know exactly where your data goes and who profits from it. By focusing on the bee, we want to ensure that the data honey is protected, utilized properly and monetizable by you and only by you. 

With this project, we contribute to a shift in power dynamics, create transparency around data use and empower the individual. But our beehive is not full yet – come join us! 


We are excited to have you aboard! Let’s impact!
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