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What if we could shape our digital future and take control of our online data? That’s the question that we are asking during our design thinking hackathon. Four ideas were voted for during our first session and we look forward to further shaping them before we’ll vote for the best one(s) on Feb 14.

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Team 1 #digitalempowerment
What if we could empower citizens and stakeholders to make better use of #digital solutions? What if everyone had a basic understanding of the implications of data sharing? Trust in new technologies is a critical factor to tackle the digital divide and improve quality of life, and it has to start with education.

Team 2 #Data cockpit
What if you could use social media on your own terms? What if you were able to look for a restaurant on Facebook without giving all your data away? The solution would be a tool that allowed us to control the use of our data on social media platforms while retaining ownership of it. Let’s find a simple way to tell third parties what we want to share, how we want to share it, and on what terms.

Team 3 #TTT #TrackTraceTrust
What if we could make #data visible? What if we were able to understand and identify the nature of our data and #metadata so that we could decide what to share with the general public (companies, governments, etc.)? To date, it is hard to understand how, when and why our data is being used and by whom.

Team 4 #data4good
What if people could make a profit from selling their data via a digital marketplace? What if they could even donate their data for a purpose they support? Making people understand the value of their data and their digital footprint is vital, and tools for controlled data sharing could help to build trust and share benefits more equally.


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