Valuing natural capital together

Help Whales

so that our earth can cool down

One whale captures more CO₂ than thousands of trees

The challenge

Our oceans are the world’s largest CO₂ sink and capture 25% of global emissions.

Yet, their health and maritime biodiversity are in danger, including whales.

We need to protect and significantly increase the number of whales so that we and future generations can enjoy our planet and breath clean air.

The solution

Protecting and increasing global whale populations is the most impactful strategy for ocean health. We support organisations that protect the whales and enable the financial markets to further fund this initiative with securities like Blue Carbon Tokens.

We need to determine the value whales provide to us and calculate the CO₂ they reduce.

The plan

Our project sets a globally-recognized certification standard to make Blue Carbon Tokens tradeable. For the first time impact investors will be able to easily fund such nature based solutions.

Our solution creates a tradeable asset for the financial markets and accelerates funding to restore our precious ocean ecosystem.

Do you care about Healthy air?

So do we.
We support whales – our natural air cleaners.

How we are doing it?

Global warming is one of the big challenges of our time. Our Carbon footprint contributes to a climate emergency through the so-called greenhouse effect. This crisis threatens our ecosystems and way of life as we know it.

Our project is helping to increase the global whale population and is putting a price tag on carbon emission reduction, used to drive the innovation necessary to limit climate change.

You’re invited to join forces with us to restore the population of great whales globally.

Whales serve as ecosystem engineers, using nature’s own “earth-tech” to maintain a balanced and regenerative ocean. They have a significant impact on the biological carbon pump, which is estimated to transfer about 10 gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere to the deep ocean each year. This is 20.000 times the equivalent of New York’s Central Park.

If whales were to return to their pre-whaling 4-5 million population, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) study estimates that even a 1% increase in phytoplankton blooms due to whales could capture an additional 370 million tonnes of CO2 annually.


 About us

This project is supported by Ark2030. Its project design emerged from Geneva impACTs, the signature initiative of the Geneva Macro Labs. Geneva impACTs is a collective-intelligence driven movement which is supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund.

The Migros Pioneer Fund looks for and supports ideas with social potential. It enables pioneering projects that break new ground and seek out forward-looking solutions. Its impact-oriented funding approach combines financial support with coaching services. The Migros Pioneer Fund is part of the Migros Group’s social engagement and is enabled by the Migros Group with around CHF 15 million annually. For further information:

Whales play a key role in sequestering carbon and fighting climate change. Investing in the protection of whales shows how nature could finance its own conservation and restoration.

Ralph Chami


Commercial whaling was banned in 1986, though over 1.000 whales per year have been killed since. This must end.

Marie Owens Thomsen

Lombard Odier

Whales are vital to a healthy ocean and key allies in fighting climate change. Through their daily activities, they deliver many ecosystem services that support the abundance of marine life and increase carbon sequestration. Restoring whale populations must now be part of the global climate/nature agenda. Geneva impACTs is leading the way with a coalition of partners to bring this vision to life.

Dinah Nieburg, PhD

Blue Green Future

In order to end the climate crisis we have to start imagining the unimaginable; breaking from a system that has failed planet earth for over 200 years. Aligning the worlds greatest minds to create solutions which are capable of turning back the clock on the destruction of planet earth is the way forward.

Stephen Fern


This unique and innovative project brings together two of the biggest challenges of our 21st century: climate change and the digitalization of our world. By building a more sustainable ecosystem and economic system, it is aligned with the core principles of the United Nations and addresses with a multilateral approach key Sustainable Development Goals such as responsible production and consumption (SDG12), climate action (SDG13) and life below water (SDG14).

Philippe Aubert


Sustainability has become a trend word, and people want to talk about. Its great to work with Geneva ImpACTs because they actually put bold plans into action. We are very pleased to partner and support the Whales project with our crowdfunding platform (

Paul Ryatt


For the first time, marine assets will be qualified as a standardized underlying asset for financial markets products. Impact investors can then fill the gap to finance the preservation of the world’s precious ecosystems through Blue Carbon Credits and Blue Carbon Tokens.

Together with the brightest minds we co-create impact to help restore the global whale population.

Accelerate Sustainable Development (SDGs)

Create impact & Return on Investment (ROI)

Transform Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)