How we create impact


Do you want to help build a new impACT model?

The Challenge

Cooperation between the public, civil and private sector for implementing sustainable development goals needs to be amplified.

Our Vision

Geneva impACTs contributes to the harmonization of sustainability measures with its integrated approach towards pioneer projects for impact, where investors and project developers sit at one table.

The Solution

We connect key stakeholders of our international community with start-ups to address global challenges with new solutions and drive impact standards.

Experts in subject matters such as new technologies (Blockchain, AI, etc.), finance, science or international development, investors that want to benefit from value-driven business and innovation, and start-ups that provide for technical and operational implementation, are brought together.

Years left to hit SDGs

Experts at Geneva impACTs


A think-tank-driven movement of thought leaders

Our innovation model

Design thinking, research & development, innovation impact design and its valuation are at the core of our processes.

ImpACT projects are developed by a diverse community and the best impact projects (one at a time) are awarded by a jury that will call implementers (start-ups) to realize the projects with their specific solution.

Our values

  • Collective impact responsibility (beyond traditional ESG standards)
  • Community driven innovation with relevance to real world challenges
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Thought leadership
  • Commitment and ownership.

Our approach

  • Focus groups work on business model development, market, research, technical, regulatory and impact evaluation.
  • Thought leaders are empowered to walk the talk with other pioneers.
  • Experts become part of a think tank community where ideas and sustainable concepts are turned into best practice impact projects.

The future is determined by what we do now,

and the window of opportunity is closing fast.

António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, 2019