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Design Thinking Hackathon

Facilitators’ Briefing

Event 09.02.2022

Together, we will generate, select and outline ideas for potential impact projects. We will start with a brainstorming session
and then form different teams for the Hackathon.

Zoom Meeting ID: 884 2706 0401
Passcode: Impact22

In order to be all set for the Hackathon, kindly take a moment:

1. Please download
signal. This messanger will be used by the Hackathon Teams to stay in touch and to request support (down-
load required, desktop and mobile version available)

Kindly join your signal group here!
2. Please have a look at miro which you will use for ideation during the hackathon. The link will be shared during the event.

The agenda is available via the Timesheet.