meet the team

behind Geneva impACTs

Our Vision

Make sustainability a standard to create a better future for many

Our Team

We’re not on track to hit the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030. Impact needs to be actionable and designed with collective intelligence.

Dr Marianne Schörling

Head of Impact & Stakeholder Engagement

Too often impact projects end up in the drawer because you don’t trust the team can provide results. Investors cannot afford failure and have to ensure ROI besides impact. At Geneva impACTs investment is ensured before Start-ups pitch.

Robert Zapfel

Project Lead

We need return from impact and not only return on investment. Experts and practioners have to set impact standards and kickstart pioneer projects.

Jörn Erbguth

Head of Technology & Legal Affairs

We have to bring all stakeholders to the table: Scientists, investors, politicians, executives or regulators to develop concepts on sustainability. Start-ups should only apply when investment is secured.

Renate Günther

Head of Business Development

Together we impact

Where are we heading?

When we kicked off Geneva impACTs, we knew that empowering and uniting impact leaders was the most efficient way in which we could support SDGs.

We knew there were experts in our community ready to tackle the great challenges of our time like the global pandemic, environmental issues or strengthening democracy.

We build on the Geneva Macro Labs think and do tank – are enabled by Engagement Migros – and benefit from academic research and a network of leading minds.

Together with our impact leaders we are supporting a sustainable future to provide hope and equal opportunities for many. The commitment of our community is encouraging and we are excited to be on this mission together.