Design Thinking 

Geneva impACTs online workshops



Collective-driven impact for a sustainable tomorrow

What do we want to achieve?

Our objective is to generate, select and outline impact project ideas.

We will start with a brainstorming session and conclude by forming different focus groups. Prof Jean-Henry Morin from the University of Geneva will guide us through the workshop.

At the workshop, you will be part of a creative process and will explore impact ideas with other thought leaders. In a second stage you’ll design specific concepts in smaller groups. You’ll then vote on which concepts should be turned into potential impact projects.

The Method

We deploy design thinking as a tool for developing impact-focused innovations and seek to understand the needs and goals of different stakeholders involved. We center around potential solutions with lower risks and cost of change, orchestrating diverse perspectives with a common goal.


The Geneva impacts Process

Design Thinking Workshops are a place for ideation. They are held once every quarter (on average) and usually last around 4 hours.

At these workshops, Focus Groups are formed to subsequently elaborate upon actionable concepts. As a Focus Group member, you will co-develop concepts on potential impact projects. Depending on the project, you will participate in several online Focus Group sessions. These concepts will be submitted to our Jury (Jury 1 – Selection of Project).

Members of Jury 1 will review all proposals and vote on the most viable concept (duration: 2-4 hours with up-front coordination in our forum).

Following this, a Pitch Contest for start-ups will be launched.

Expert members of Jury 2 will examine all start-up proposals and prepare a written opinion (1-2 hours sessions per proposal). In election sessions Jury 2 will discuss and determine the best team based on the pitches and the experts’ opinion (2-3 hours).

We’ll organize an evening event to promote the winner (best start-up chosen by Jury 2).

 Who are the organizers?

This workshop is organized by Geneva impACTs in collaboration with faclab. As of December 2020, the Geneva Macro Labs became a contributing member of faclab and its creative collaborative circle. We are also honored to welcome Prof Jean-Henry Morin as an Advisory Board Member at the Geneva Macro Labs.

Geneva impACTs is enabled by Engagement Migros. It is an initiative of the Geneva Macro Labs Think and Do Tank. We shape standards of how projects on sustainability are designed and funded.